Angelina Wicker

Angelina Wicker is currently pursuing her honours degree through the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography while residing in Somerset West. The multi-media designer loves to play around with different styles, technique and programs, and works with photography, animation, web design, UX/UI, 3D and more.

“I’ve been a creative individual since I was young,” says Angelina. “A lot of my inspiration came from my family, which is filled with artists and painters, and I’ve always loved to draw, paint and do crafty things. While watching kids’ animations when I was younger, I used to wonder how they were made, so I gravitated towards making my work move and animate. Adding movement to an image brings a whole new dimension and allows for more expression.”

For the 3D illustrations she created to capture the essence of Lalela for 5 Compassionate Communities, Angelina reinterpreted the ‘claymation’ characters she used to see on TV as a child. “It’s playful, friendly and inviting,” she explains, “and child-like in the use of shapes and forms.”
She says that illustrating the art-centred work Lalela does with children was a beautiful experience for her as an artist herself. “It is great knowing that there’s a community out there helping direct at-risk youth into a better place and showing them what creativity and art can do for their lives. Art has been such a driving force in my life, and I hope to see the kids at Lalela further their passion like I did. I feel proud to help Lalela share their story and I hope my designs help them draw more support and attention. I am really honoured to be creating work to uplift communities.” 

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