Chloë te Water Naudé

Cape Town-based graphic designer and illustrator Chloë te Water Naudé describes herself as a visual storyteller who expresses moods and feelings through a variety of visual media. “I like to work in a bold yet simple style,” she says, “using intentional colour and simplified form as my way of conveying meaning and feeling.” 

She employed this same approach to her illustrations of New Crossroads CAN, one of our 5 Compassionate Communities, depicting the feeding project run by Thembisa Jaxa and her team in New Crossroads. 

“My intention with all the work that I do is to celebrate life and create uplifting imagery,” says Chloë. “New Crossroads CAN is such a heart-warming community project, and I hope that my illustrations draw people in to learn more about it and how they can support this community kitchen.” 

Although she qualified with a BA in Visual Communications from Red & Yellow, majoring in illustration, Chloë has had a passion for the artform for as long as she can remember. “When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist, and then when I found out that graphic designers existed, I decided I wanted to do that. Creativity was encouraged in my home so it was just a part of daily life.” 

She says she welcomed the challenge of illustrating so many human figures in this 5 Compassionate Communities commission. “It’s not a subject matter that I usually dabble in so it was really good to push myself out of my comfort zone. I generally work in quite an abstracted style so I enjoyed illustrating some joyful, more literal scenes.” 

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